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Demolition of Roof Slab

In January of 2014 DEMSO took on the task to remove the entire reinforced concrete roof slab, beam structure and lift motor rooms of an office block in Shaftesbury avenue, London.

The project had many issues to over come such as close proximity to the busy street and surrounding businesses, the floor slab beneath was of a bison plank structure and could not be damaged, part of the roof was a cantilever structure and the only access was up 6 flights of stairs.

To carry out the task we deployed our Husqvarna dxr 250 demolition robot along with hydraulic hammer and crunching jaws, this was then driven up the staircase and out onto the roof area.

As we had noise restrictions the hammer was used for 3 hour periods twice a day and the cruncher jaws for the remainder.

A form of crash mat was placed under the roof slab to protect the bison planks from the falling debris and a propping system put in place to support the bison planks from below.

Wall sawing and diamond stitch drilling were used to severe the roof and lift shafts away from the rest of the building so no vibration travelled into the remaining structure and to give a clean finish.