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Montpelier House, London

DEMSO were contacted by a demolition company and requested to attend site in Knightsbridge, London to help them overcome the issue of how to demolish 5 reinforced concrete gable ends on the 5th floor of Montpelier house.

After surveying the job we decided the best way forward was to use our BROKK 90 demolition robot with crunching jaws attached, because of the 3 metre height of the structures other methods would of required a scaffold to be erected for each section and which would have caused the project to over run.

The task to remove all 5 took just 4 days which resulted in the demolition company finishing the job a full 7 days early.

As a result of DEMSO performing so quickly we were asked to take on the removal of the staircase from top to bottom, using the BROKK with hammer attachment we drove down the stairs removing them behind us, this took just 3 days to complete and again saving a lot of time for the contractor.