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Victoria and Albert Museum

Refurbishment of lower galleries 1-7

Back in November 2013 DEMSO were contacted by Coniston construction and asked to provide various services to assist in their latest project, to strip out and create a new high spec layout of the V&A museums lower galleries.

Many different processes were required for the vast amount of work needed to help Coniston create the clients vision.

DEMSO were asked to carry out all the wall and floor chasing work which totalled at well into many 1000s of metres, create openings for all cctv, wifi units and security beam detectors and form a multitude of diamond drilled holes for pipes and cabling as well as diamond floor sawing to assist in the removal of r/c slabs and surface preparation to lower floor levels.

Another part of the works was to remove large sections of main support brick walls, up to 17 metres long and 1m thick, with a load bearing of 100 tonnes per metre. To enable this to happen we diamond stitch drilled large pockets at the top and below ground, through the 1.4 metre footings, for a steel frame to be erected to transfer the load from the walls, once this was done we then stitch drilled around the perimeter of the section to be removed.

The next task was removal of the middle which had to be vibration free as there was priceless artefacts nearby, so we used hydraulic bursting to split the brick apart for removal.

We were also asked to remove a section of concrete footing to make way for a service duct, this was also to be vibration free so stitch drilling and bursting was the preferred method. See our photos of this and other work carried out on site.

Methods used throughout the project:

  • Diamond drilling
  • Diamond fllor sawing
  • Diamond chainsawing
  • Hydraulic bursting
  • Surface preparation
  • Cut & Lift
  • Anchor fixing/testing
  • Dust free chasing