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Anchor Fixing/Testing

Our operatives are fully trained in the field of chemical and mechanical anchor fixing installation, this enables DEMSO to undertake a variety of contracts such as the fixing of anchor bolts for steelwork and tower cranes to the lifting points which we regularly use for cut and lift operations in demolition.

Chemical anchor systems are a resin based adhesive used to bond steel studs, bolts and anchors in to a substrate material, usually concrete or brick and in many cases creating a bond stronger than the substrate itself, as this is a chemical adhesion no load stress is imparted on the base material making it an ideal method for use in materials of unknown quality.

In addition to the installation of chemical and mechanical fixings DEMSO can also carry out pull testing of all fixtures and fixings found in construction by utilising our HYDRAJAWS 2000 medium duty and 2008 heavy duty pull testers.

The HYDRAJAWS systems allow us to test from m4 up to m30 threaded stud and from 6mm up to 22mm re-bar to a maximum load of 145kn.

On completion of each test a comprehensive report is provided detailing the pull loads applied and the fixings maximum weight hold and if any fixings fail our operatives can extract, replace and re-test.

As well as the above services we can also carry out remedial wall ties or “helifixing” as its commonly known. This is a form of stitching walls together, often used for weakened structures or where standard wall ties are missing. This process is carried out by drilling small holes along the structure in pre-determined locations and then inserting a self tapping helical bar into the hole forming a bond between the two structures, these can also be chemical fixed if the structure is deemed not suitable for just mechanical fixing, these can then be pull tested if required.