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Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is the most efficient way of forming holes through a multitude of materials including reinforced concrete, brick, natural stone and even steel.

Here at DEMSO we can provide diamond drilling from sizes 6mm – 1.2m in diameter and to virtually unlimited depths going vertical, horizontal, angled and inverted.

The drilling process is usually water cooled with the slurry collected using a filtration vacuum but in some cases can be carried out dry with the use of a dust suppression unit attached to the drilling rig. All the deposits are then disposed of in a safe manner in accordance with our environmental policy.

Diamond drilling has a relatively low noise output and is dust and vibration free therefore not impacting on the surrounding environment and eliminating the risk of HAVS.

To form larger or different shaped openings the process of stitch drilling can be used where a series of overlapping holes are drilled around the perimeter with the centre section then being removed by lifting it out or breaking it up.

At DEMSO we can provide an earth drilling service with the use of “mining barrels”.

This service is used for drilling holes up to 150mm diameter through large voids that have been filled with compacted soil or similar material, to enable cables or pipes to be passed through without the need for large excavations.

We also provide a steel drilling service using magdrills, this is usually called for when holes up to 55mm diameter are needed for pipes and cables to be run through RSJs.