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Passive Fire Protection

DEMSO can provide the installation of a variety of passive fire protection systems, these can be installed, signed off and certified by our trained technicians.

We are committed to safety, using only the best materials available our fire protection work is carried out to the highest quality and standards.

There are a wide variety of situations where fire stopping is required, listed below are a few of the applications and types of system used:

Cables and plastic pipes

Pressure exerting intumescent mastic to provide an effective smoke and acoustic seal for around single or bunched cables and plastic pipes unto 50mm diameter.

Pipe wraps and collars

Used for sealing around plastic pipes fro 50mm – 250mm diameter.

Large openings

High strength structural firestop compound is used to seal structural openings through floor slabs such as service risers.

Firestop acoustic batt board (pre coated)

Used mainly for sealing large openings through walls with multiple services running through but can be used for other applications as well.