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Ring & Chain Sawing

DEMSO can provide a hand sawing services in two forms.

Firstly we can offer ringsawing, based on the design of an angle grinder but with a larger blade and off centre drive rollers making it ideal for cutting through all kinds of concrete of masonry up to 250mm thick to form doorways and windows or for severance cuts to aid demolition of walls or floors.

Secondly we can offer chainsawing, based on the same idea as the conventional chainsaw but these have diamond segments in the chain instead of teeth, an ideal tool for cutting through thick brickwalls up to 650mm deep and for cutting small square openings in reinforced concrete or masonry.

DEMSO have saws in a variety of sizes and power for all different applications.

Both ringsawing and chainsawing are wet cutting operations therefore eliminating dust and are almost vibration free.