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Robotic Demolition

Another of DEMSOs controlled demolition services is robotic demolition or BROKK as it’s widely known.

These machines might be small but they really do pack a punch, track mounted, 3phase electrically driven, remote control operated, ranging from just 500kg up to 5000kg with a small foot print but a massive reach they have changed the way many demolition jobs are now undertaken.

The BROKKs small size and versatility combined with its huge strength is what makes our machines the ideal solution to the most demanding of tasks and usually out performing conventional machines twice their size.

Whether it be confined space, awkward access or both, our machines can do it, some fit through a 900mm doorway, some will fit in a small lift or even climb the stairs.

With a wide range of tools including breakers, crunchers, buckets, grapples, steel sheers, milling heads and a vertical reach up to 7 metres high there’s not much they can’t tackle.

These machines all run on 3phase electric so they can be used in sensitive areas where fumes would not be acceptable, they are also operated by remote control so DEMSOs fully licensed operator can stand up to 30metres away in a safe zone giving a clear view of the work area and well away from the danger of falling debris or open edges

With these machines HAVS are totally eliminated.