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Specialist Demolition


Here at DEMSO we can supply a bursting service to remove a variety of structures and materials such as reinforced concrete, brick, stone or cementatious grout

Bursting is one of our methods of controlled demolition, this is a very effective technique often used for removal of many structures such as pile caps, ground beams, thick walls and floors.

Quiet, dust and vibration free therefore not intrusive on the surrounding environment and eliminating the dangers of HAVS.

This process is started by a trained DEMSO operative firstly diamond drilling a series of holes into the structure, then the burster head is inserted and the hydraulic pistons expanded up to a controllable pushing pressure of 250 tonnes forcing the structure to crack into smaller sections for removal.

With this process a series of bursting heads can be used simultaneously therefore boosting the pushing pressure up to approximately 2000 tonnes.

DEMSO have a range of different size bursters for different applications from 110volt – 3phase electric or petrol driven



Hydraulic crunching is another of DEMSO’s methods of controlled demolition, perfect for removal of walls, floors or similar structures up to 310mm thick in reinforced concrete, brick or stone.

The crunching process is carried out by 2 of our operatives holding the cruncher jaws frame which has pistons on either side and is then placed over the structure, the pistons are then forced together, by up to 30 tonnes of controllable hydraulic pressure, taking a bite out of the structure turning it to rubble for easy removal. Any reinforcement can then be cut out and the process repeated until the structure has been removed.

DEMSO has a variety of crunchers available either 3phase electric or petrol driven.

We also have smaller 110volt one man versions of the cruncher ideal for removal of smaller projects

This method is lightweight, dust and vibration free therefore eliminating the dangers of HAVS.



Our cut and lift service is ideal for removal of large areas of reinforced concrete wall or floor.

With this process we implement a variety of our diamond drilling and sawing techniques to quickly cut and lift the sections of concrete away by the use of site tower cranes or block and tackle frames.

This process eliminates the rubble element of demolition so making it dust free and also vibration free removing the dangers of HAVS.