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Wall & Floor Chasing

DEMSO can provide a full dust/water controlled chasing service for forming chases of any size in reinforced concrete, brick/block, plaster/render, stone, screed.

Hand held equipment is used to form parallel cuts with the centre of the channel being removed by using small lightweight breakers and all debris being removed from the work area.

Dust extraction equipment is used alongside full face respirator masks which are face fit tested for the operatives (certificates shown before work starts).

When forming chases in floor slabs or screed in large amounts/depths we utilise our floor sawing equipment to increase productivity, this is usually a wet cut so all slurry would be collected using a filtration vacuum. As this method is wet it eliminates the dust element of the normal chasing method.

DEMSO also offer a “tucking” service for where lead work or flat roofing materials join walls.

This is done by forming a cut approximately 8mm wide horizontally across the face of the wall to a required depth which enables roofers/lead workers to “tuck” the material into the wall for a better seal.

All chasing work is carried out with strict HAVS monitoring and guidelines and constant face mask fit checks in accordance with our health and safety policy.