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Wall Sawing

We can supply a wall sawing service with the use of our high frequency 3phase electric or hydraulic saws for cutting through various materials such as reinforced concrete, brick and natural stone up to depths of 750mm

Although called a wall saw it is not restricted to walls as this process can be used almost anywhere, walls, floors, horizontal or vertical, angled and even inverted. This can also be made to cut flush up against walls.

The process is carried out by one of DEMSOs trained operatives fixing a rail or “track” onto the material to be cut and a series of passes by a remote controlled bogey, with a diamond blade fitted, are made until the desired depth of cut is achieved.

Wall sawing is a very accurate and fast way to form doorways, window openings or severance cuts.

Wider cuts for expansion joints can also be achieved with the use of stepped out blades.

This process is water cooled so is completely dust free and is remote controlled by the operator so eliminating the dangers of HAVS.